The reason

You are pregnant!

I have never blogged in my life but my mindset changed when I fell pregnant.

I am 31 years old. My partner is 34 years old. I have been with my partner for 2 years when we found out we were pregnant.

We had planned to try and get pregnant but thought it would take time because of the fact that I had been on the pill for years and something that I always have heard is that if you have been on the pill for years, then its harder to conceive. That myth I can vouch for is a complete lie! I got off the pill thinking it would take about 6 months to get pregnant but at my very next cycle I fell pregnant!

So much so that I actually didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was already 8 weeks pregnant! When my period didn’t come when it was due I thought it was because of my body trying to get back into a normal/natural cycle and therefore might have been delayed but when 2 months went by…well then I knew something was up…

A bit of background on me. I have always been a career focused woman. I have worked in the Finance industry my entire career and well motherhood is not something that the industry particularly embraces. Its very much a man’s world. When I fell pregnant I was half way through the semester doing my Masters! I have worked since I was 15 years old, vehemently independent and career driven.

I began this blog because I was in a position where a) I have a lot of good friends who are very similar to me in that they have their careers, very independent and not one of them have had kids yet and mind you, I am probably one of the youngest ones in my group of friends b) I am an only child.

Therefore zero experience of being around kids.

In fact when I think about it, when I fell pregnant, I don’t think I’ve ever held a baby in my arms and I have never attended a baby shower in my life.

I was completely lost when I found out I was pregnant. My one saving grace is my mother and thank god she is here to help me but so much has changed in pregnancy and parenting in 31 years that even she gets overwhelmed by all the different choices we women have when it comes to being pregnant and having children.

I am writing this blog for the first time mum’s out there who also feel like I do. Stepping into a new world blindly and trying to find your way through.

Keep in mind that I am no expert whatsoever! I have had to find things out my own way or researched things along the way.

I haven’t been able to find a one stop shop when it comes to help for a first time mum. I found myself spending so much time trying to figure things out for myself that I thought a blog like this would have been so helpful to me at the time.

I intend to address all issues and questions in relation to pregnancy and especially being a first time mum. No topic left untouched. Pregnancy weight, private vs public, what to buy, money, relationships, friendships, sex…no topic left unturned.

I also want this blog to be driven by you the reader so please feel free to ask me any questions or issues and I will address it on my blog.

Hopefully you will enjoy the ride as much as I have been so far and if this blog can help in the slightest…then I would know its been worth it