What happens next?

What next

So you have found out you are pregnant! Congratulations! But sometimes hearing those words don’t really resonate immediately if like me you weren’t exactly ready to have a baby at that very point in time.

Give yourself time to go through the emotions. Whether good or bad.

I cried for days. I cried on my way to work. I cried when I was home watching TV. I cried if I saw other babies. I just cried.

I cried because I was so overwhelmed. To think I will be bringing in a life into this world that will solely rely on me to raise it and ensure its safety and happiness is such an overwhelming thought that all I could do was cry.

Tip: These thoughts never go away but get easier over your pregnancy to accept and get your head around. You cry. But much less.

If you have done a home pregnancy test, then next step is to go to your GP.

Your GP will run a blood test that will let you know how far along you are and also a general blood test on your health so will give you an STD test as well as look at your iron, iodine etc.

If the results come back that you are 8 weeks or more along, then you will need to do a dating scan.

Now at this point in time to save some money, you should decide on whether you will look to go private or public.

What this means is that you either get an Obstetrician to look after you during the pregnancy and for the delivery or you are taken care of by your GP or the public hospital you will deliver at.

The reason why you would save some money now is that if you decide to go to an Obstetrician, then most OB’s have their own ultrasound and can do the dating scan for you and its included in the initial consultation fee of $200 (that was the consultation fee for my OB so not sure if that’s the norm).

If you did not go to an OB, then you will need to pay for the scan which because I didn’t go that route, I’m not sure how much that is.

Again, be easy on yourself. If you can take a day off work, then do it. If you need to cry, then do it. The first moment when you find out you are pregnant may not always be the reaction you were expecting of yourself but I can say now going through it, I have never been this happy in my life! Pregnancy has been beyond amazing. Richest experience I have ever encountered. It has brought me and my partner closer together. Bonding with my mother has been lovely and so many other countless experiences


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