The first 3 months

First trimester

So one thing that you learn very quickly is that every women, including yourself, is different when it comes to pregnancy.

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and I have to admit, I have been very lucky with the way my pregnancy has gone but I also think that you may hear the bad things more than you hear about the good pregnancies, just like labour stories.

I have loved being pregnant! And I think its important to tell other pregnant women that you can have an easy pregnancy and hence why I want to share my story with others.

I too was expecting a hard pregnancy just because you hear so many bad things.

My first trimester I suffered from nausea. I didn’t want to eat anything, smells were intensified, so going to the food court made me sick. I think I literally lived off soup and cheese and tomato toasties. I did not want anything else.

Nausea was worst in the morning and I had to travel by bus and train to work so the movement of both made me feel even worse. Also riding in the car made me feel ill. Basically whenever I was moving around I would feel nauseous.

By midday to mid-afternoon the nausea will usually settle down.

To help with the nausea I would always have water on me (and continue doing this throughout your pregnancy) as well as getting fresh air whenever I felt sick.

First trimester I was also extremely tired! Now this was hard to cope with while working. So many times I wanted to go to my bed and just sleep. It’s not recommended to have caffeine during your pregnancy so I just tried to work through the tiredness but I do remember a particular day where I was nauseous during the morning and it really drained me and I had to leave work and go home and was in bed sleeping at 12pm.

I never vomited throughout the first trimester. It was literally nausea that hit me.

Take it easy and listen to your body! I was still adjusting from being a very active person to dealing with the nausea and tiredness and whilst I found it frustrating at the time, you need to understand that your body is working overtime to bring your baby and this precious life into the world and your body is adjusting to this and hence the tiredness and nausea kicking.

Also highly emotional! I cried all the time and I am a very non-emotional person. I would cry on my way to work, I would cry when I see a baby or kid. I was just highly emotional and sensitive. Again, its your hormones running wild and getting ready for your baby. Let yourself cry and all the emotions, good or bad, are perfectly normal.

I had a lot of anxiety those first 3 months which people don’t tell you about. As you will probably hear, the chance of a miscarriage is the highest in the first 3 months, so I was constantly worried. I was so worried. Sick to my stomach worried that I actually don’t know how I coped. I couldn’t help but think the worst sometimes and I was wishing the first 12 weeks away so that I knew baby was in a safer zone.

I won’t lie, it was horrible. The waiting and agonising. I made myself sick on top of the fact I was already nauseous

I can’t give you any advice on how to get through this except that if you make it past the 12 weeks mark then things definitely get easier.

Next up is your 12 week scan and blood test. This scan was incredible for me and my partner. We got to see our baby properly. This scan also tests whether your baby could have down syndrome or spinabifida.

Again the waiting on the results is the worst and at this point in time, most couples don’t tell their friends or extended family until they have received the results.

But enjoy the scan, it’s a most precious moment you will share as a family. Your little one up on the screen, your partner watching on and you get to see the miracle of life growing inside your belly!


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