About Me


This blog came about because I fell pregnant and even though we had planned to get pregnant, it happened much sooner than expected and I had no idea what to do or where to start.

The “plan” was to try for 6 months (as I had been on the pill for years and so many times I had heard its harder to get pregnant after being on the pill for so long!) and I have always been someone that plans and research the hell out of something before I get into it.

So in my mind, I had 6 months to learn about pregnancy and what not so that when i do fall pregnant I know what to do.

What I found was on top of being completely overwhelmed with finding out I was pregnant so soon, I couldn’t find a central point to guide me through the process! Like a what to do next or what to expect next checklist would have been great.

I am 31 years old and work in the Finance industry. This is my first pregnancy and the purpose of this blog is to help other first time mummies who have found themselves in my situation.

I will include everything I have learnt along the way and I’m very open to discuss any questions any FTM (first time mums) have out there

I am no expert by any means! I am also feeling my way through being pregnant….

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