Pregnancy Diary and Memory Book

Dear Diary

One thing that I can highly highly recommend you start doing when you find out you are pregnant is starting a pregnancy diary. Whether its online or the old fashioned way *cough cough I did pen and paper*, it’s an amazing time in your life to jot down all your feelings and thoughts about being pregnant for the first time ever.

Things that your body goes through, your emotions, your thoughts – I just think its so healthy to have an avenue to jot all those things down.

Sometimes you think you are the only one who feels those things or thinks those things, but for me personally, jotting down those thoughts helped me in not going over and over the same things in my head.

At first I tried to look for a specific pregnancy diary and had a look online and at Dymocks. There are pregnancy diaries out there but I think they are so restrictive on how much you can write and what you want to write, so I decided to head to Kikki.k (secret obsession of mine) and see if I could find something that would meet my needs. I found a great notebook that had a ribbon to hold my place and really just lined paper and it was in a baby pink leathery look cover and all it said was Notes on the front. Loved it. I think from memory it was RRP $29.95 so I proceeded to purchase it.

Now this diary is just a pregnancy diary, not a diary to jot down what you do on a day by day basis. You can obviously run the diary as you like but I restricted myself to just talking about pregnancy and anything pregnancy related or else I would deviate into talking about mundane things plus I didn’t want this diary to be a burden. I wanted to just open it up, write a page about how I feel or emotions or things that have happened and then continue with the rest of my day.

Sometimes I think people burden themselves when they think “Dear Diary” in that they have to jot down or retell what has happened that day. I didn’t want to do that as a) I don’t have the time and b) I wanted this diary to solely focus on my pregnancy.

My entries are usually a page or 2 long, no longer than that (unless I really feel the need to). I then close my diary until the next day.

It may be the little things you want to remember down the track and also if you wanted to give it to your son or daughter to read some day.

The other thing that I would also recommend in starting up is a Pregnancy Memory Book. This came off the back of all the scans I was getting back from my ultrasound appointments. I didn’t know what to do with them! I didn’t want to just leave them in the envelopes as I know if I did I would lose them or it would just sit behind the cupboard and I wanted to be able to keep these scans as memories so I decided to start my own memory book! Now I’m not creative by any means so all I purchased was the following:

  • Baby scrapbook album from Spotlight


  • Double sided tape from The Reject Shop RRP $2 – this is great given that I didn’t want to glue the scans down and using Blu Tack doesn’t look that great. This way the scans don’t get damaged but look good when they are stuck to the album

Photo sticker


  • Stickers from The Reject Shop RRP $2 per pack – I wanted to make the album look as cute possible or else it would just have scans in it, so I bought stickers such as that below and some other baby related stickers and proceeded to use them to decorate each page. Just made it look more like a baby book and much cuter


  • Texta packet from The Reject Shop RRP $3 – again I wanted to inject a bit of colour in the album to contrast the black and white scans so when I made a memory entry, I would write it in a different colour on each page. Again just made the memory book look cuter and more baby/child like


The below is the first page of my memory book to give you an example of how mine looked like and how I set it out


Apart from the ultrasounds and reports that I have included in my memory book, I have also included the games and cards I received from my baby shower in which I will go into more details on a separate post, but also a great way to keep the beautiful cards you would get from your baby shower which sometimes you just don’t find a place to store them.

This album will be for bub to read and look over one day. I think it’s amazing to be able to see yourself as a tiny scan inside your mother so I’m sure he/she will appreciate and love looking over themselves as a tiny speck in mummy’s tummy one day.